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CHALLENGE #35: Header and Icon

While everyone is voting on Angry Ani, here is the next challenge.

I think it's time for a new look for the community. This week's challenge is to create a new header and icon. You can use any photos of Anakin or Vader at any age. I encourage a blending of many eras.


*Please follow the basic submission rules here*

Challenge Specific Rules:

  • The header should be no larger than 800x600 (smaller is acceptable).
  • The icon and header must have the text "Still Anakin" on them. Additional text on header is not necessary, but if included, should indicate the theme of the community. (I.e., "Anakin Skywalker icon challenge community.")
  • You can submit a total of 2 icon/header combinations.

I look forward to seeing your creative efforts!

This challenge ends Saturday, August 19 at 5 PM EDT.

Number of entries: 3
Tags: challenge
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